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How to determine the vertical machining center is good or ba

The key to the procurement of small vertical machining centers is to consider the current process requirements and processing capabilities, and to estimate the future processing requirements. In addition small vertical machining center selection, because the price is much more expensive than ordinary machine tools, so it is more restrictive factors, the choice of machine tools is more prominent. Correct selection is the key to make good use of the processing center and the processing center.
1, the hardware to see if the equipment is not advanced equipment, or to do CNC vertical machining center processing requirements that must not be
2, rigid: spindle power and torque, the other can only believe the brand, for example, BT30 brother and BT30 KITAMURA that is not a concept.
3, look at the professional small vertical processing center selection should be advanced to understand some of the need to process some of the professional knowledge and common problems. And then gently ask the other party is how to solve these problems. Generally speaking, the more professional will tell you, how they easily solve these common problems.
4, speed: acceleration, maximum processing speed, this is directly dependent vertical machining center CNC system is good or bad, FANUC, 31 system with 0I it is not a thing.
5, miniature vertical machining center selection processing ability of this is for that is greedy of goods, must see is a batch processing need long time for questions can within the specified time to complete and the processing time is included in the contract if machining center is easy the nod that he is confident of a short period of time can do it if the refusal to join the contract so that he of his short time can not processing out these products are still not sure.
6, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, roundness, spindle beat, system pulse (input unit is 0.001 or 0.0001). When buying a machine, the machine tool should be written to the contract, the vertical machining center inspection standard is provided by the machine tool manufacturer to provide the inspection data, and the inspection process. Machine tool manufacturing precision of each house is not the same, and the level of parallelism, perpendicularity, round - cut etc..
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