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How to choose your milling machine suppliers?

Are you OK with your milling machine supplier?If your answer is “no”,now let me tell you something about factors that influence the selection of milling machine suppliers.

Quality is the survival of the supply chain, use value of a product is based on product quality, and it determines the quality of final consumer goods, affecting product competitiveness and market share. Therefore, quality is an important factor in selecting milling machine suppliers.

Low prices, means that companies can reduce the cost of its production and management, it has a significant influence to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and increase their profits.And it is an important factor in selecting suppliers. But the supplier with the lowest price is not necessarily the most appropriate, you also need to consider product quality, delivery time and transportation costs, and many other factors.

Delivery on time
Whether the products are delivered on time,directly affect the production and continuity of supply activities . It will also affect the supply chain inventory levels , thereby affecting the enterprise on the market reaction, disrupt seller of manufacturers ' production plans and sales plans.

Product diversification
To survive in the fierce competition and development of enterprise products ,must be diversified in order to meet the needs of consumers, and achieve the goal of market share and profits.

Other influence
Includes design skills, special abilities, factors such as the overall level of service and project management skills.

The principle of selecting milling machine suppliers

The basic principles of milling machie supplier development is quality, cost, delivery and service.

In these four principles, the quality factor is the most important, first verify that the milling machine supplier is to establish a stable and effective quality assurance system, and then confirm that the milling machine supplier has the equipment needed to produce a specific product and process capability.

The sencond factors are cost and price, do cost analysis on the involved products by applying value engineering method, and achieve cost savings through win-win negotiation. In terms of deliveries, to determine whether the milling machine supplier has sufficient production capacity, adequacy of human resources, potential to expand capacity.

Finally,also very important is the milling machine supplier of pre-sales and after-sales service record.

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